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Thursday, June 11, 2009
I realised, I've been abandoning this blog of mine. There are too many stories to tell, yet I can't quite find the time to tell them. Work has been full of office politics, which somehow, got me involved.

You're the lazy one yet I'm blamed for it. You told the manager you wanted a replacement cause you said I was slow. Dude, you didn't even complete the paperwork. You didn't even complete your portion of the paperwork. I had to complete them for you. Shitass. Yet you're complaining I'm the slow one. Go see yourself in the mirror man. You went for like, god knows how many smoke breaks and I was all alone when there was a sudden influx of customers. Seriously, if you've got an issue with me, tell me straight. Don't have to tell the manager who would eventually tell me that she's pissed with you for saying that. Choose the right people to tell. Or you'd be in trouble. Oh, if you think you don't like the way I work, no one likes the way YOU work. (except for maybe that gf of yours)


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