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Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Last Sunday, my parents and my younger brother went over to my Aunt's place. I missed the opportunity to meet fav cousin so my brother gave me an update of him instead. Yesterday, my brother told me something that was very funny yet crude- a conversation he had with my fav cousin.

"Lain kali cakap je ngan dia. Who the fuck are you to scold me you fucker? Fuck you la."
"Mane boleh, Atuk ade"
"Ah. Fuck that old man too. Stupid fucker"

So I went to the kitchen and told mummy what happened. Mum was shocked and said I was making it up. I convinced her that I wasn't and he (fav cousin) was really the one who said it and what she said next was idk-how-to-describe-it.

"Fuck that stupid fucking old man"

Hahahahaha. I love you mummy. (:

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