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Friday, June 26, 2009
So as of 7+pm, the number of cases in my school is 34. Why can't they just quarantine the whole school population and disinfect the damn bloody school? Tsk.

Anyhoo, I have got no time to update this darla of mine. What a pity. Life's been about trying to catch up with sleep and going to work. Sad kan? But ok la, more work = more pay.

I ran into my Mr Firefighter on the way home today. I miss him so much! Gahhh. Why must he serve NS? It was nice to know that he's doing fine now. A week more to POP and he'll be posted to Clementi. (:

I met Mr Policeman yesterday morning. We just sat around near my area and talk nonsense. I rummaged through his wallet and saw his NS IC. HE IS SO GOD DAMN CUTE LAR! Heh. I wanna watch TF2 with Mr Policeman!

I must admit, I miss Mr Safety Officer. He never seem to have time for me. Maybe I'm not of importance. Maybe I should start listening (about time) to the advices of "moving on". Oh swells.

I miss Bearbear and Yunyun. ):

Maybe we're not meant to be.

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