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Thursday, September 17, 2009
I'm on bed now updating via mobile. I still have yet to start on pp report. Toto's going to kill me if he sees this. Heh.

I just realised yesterday (or was it the day before) that my fs's gone too. Silly me. Zid says I'm hopeless not to realise that it's already gone. Ain't my fault yknow. Haven't been in fs for a long time. I often wonder what satisfaction can he gain from robbing me off msn, fb and fs. Maybe tagged's gone too! Lol.

I've been meeting wann twice in a week now. That's only because I've got nothing better to do. My room's still in a mess and I can't be bothered about it to begin with. When guests comes on sunday, I'll just lock the door! Problem solved. Lol. Wann's been pestering me to work with him. No way I'm gonna work in fnb. I'm fine with retail.

I'm off to bed now. Will wake up again in a while for sahur. Good morning earthlings! :D

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