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Friday, November 05, 2010

I allowed myself to be vulnerable, when I know I shouldn't. I allowed my wall to come tumbling down. I allowed faith to take a huge leap. Yet again, I get disappointed. 

Why? If you think that from the very beginning you weren't sincere, don't even try. Why was it so easy for you to say that you liked me, then feelings grew, then one small mistake (wasn't even mine to begin with) you claim that all love is lost. It's easy to get rid of love aey? Amazing. You financially drained me and then you dumped me. You bring shame to all the man out there.

I understood the fact that you're still looking for a job and you need money for transport and food. But nope, you still treat me like, pfft. I regret, I regret for allowing you to use my money. But even after the break up, I still lend you money, applied jobs for you YET you're still unappreciative. You received calls from the job I applied for you yet you didn't tell me. You posted it on FB, thinking I'd see it. Not even a single "thank you" came to me. 

You're the worst ex-bf/friend I've ever known, in my whole entire life. I don't know how your friends put up with you for so long. No wonder Shira and Ana left you. I seriously wish Sera good luck if you and her were to be in a relationship. Maybe things might work out. Who knows. But oh well.

My parting words for you; FUCK YOU RAMDAN BIN SARUAN.

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