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An emotional wreck
Friday, December 03, 2010

Like what fatboy always tell me, "You need to do some soul searching. Fast. Get your thoughts straighten out."

I don't understand why despite me treating him like crap, he stood by no matter what- to catch me when I fall, to listen to me when I'm down, to hear me cry randomly on the phone. He loves me, I know. But no matter how hard I try, I don't know why, I can never open up my heart to him. Well maybe because Farid's already in there. But even if I let go of Farid, he'd still not able to capture my heart..

I don't even know who my friends are anymore. What kind of friends give you cold wars? What kind of friends think that cold wars are the only way to get rid of me? Yes, I've been ignorant and so have the rest been. Why can't somebody fucking bother to open their mouth and tell me what's going on? It hurts don't you guys fucking know? To see FB get updated about your meet-ups and whatever nots. I'm invisible then? Get your sorry ass in my shoes and tell me how it feels. It's so awkward nowadays to even meet you guys up. Cause I know there's a fucking huge barrier between us. Everytime when we (ever) meet up, it feels like I have the whole world against me. But oh well, who cares? No one. Not even you, To, the one whom I thought I could trust.

Lets just face it. No one can be trusted anymore.

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