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Hello New Year
Thursday, January 17, 2013

3 posts ago, I did a hello new year. It's 2013 now, really amazes me how I can actually leave my blogging in the streets.

New year, nothing new perhaps. I don't intend on making any resolutions; they will never work out as planned. It's always best to go with the flow, to live day to day. The only thing I need to remind myself is to start travelling. Yes, travel. One does not simply just work and no play.

Life's been good so far. I'm tryna save myself from heartbreaks, but I suppose that's something that is a little hard to do. Suffering is optional, pain is inevitable. Anyhoo, if Allah is all I have, He is all I need. ;)

Bee has been (trying to) keep me sane, though I'm the one that always make him go insane. I argue and argue, but he will always comply with my arguments. Then he will apologise though it was never his fault in the first place. How can I not love him? But really, I have a love-hate thing for him.

Zaini is still the boy who always pause his game while texting me. Not many boys would do that. We've been quiet for the 2nd half of 2012, but I'm hoping things would change now, somehow. But he's busy with school at night, so communication can be quite difficult.

There are days where I feel that I do not have any friends. Takes a toll on me sometimes. I stay home on weekends, like, all work and no play. Scary, I tell yee. But isokayy, I'm sure I'll get by.

I hope to learn the Arab language; no, this is not a resolution. Because if it's a resolution, one must achieve it. If not, why set one anw. So yes, Arabic is such a beautiful language (apart from French, of course). I'd prolly have to go for classes or get someone to teach me.

I need to master mandarin too, considering my circle of friends are mostly Chinese. It makes me feel inferior when they're communicating in Chinese and I understand them, but don't know how to reply. Why can't they learn Malay? ╮(╯_╰)╭

My head is starting to throb. It's 0330H and I'm finally ready to head to bed. I'll (try to) blog more often. Miss my old blogging days.


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