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Sunday, February 03, 2013

As one grow older, it leaves us thinking, do we really have that many friends as we have in Facebook?

Well for me, I may have more than a thousand friend on Facebook but no boy, the ones that can actually be called "friends" can be counted with my fingers

I lost two dear friends because of their gf. I really do not understand. Why is there so much jealousy when your bf have a good girl friend? I mean, we grew up together, we share sorrows together, we even share food together. And when you suddenly pop up, I'm suppose to leave my friend? I'm not allowed to hang out with my friend anymore? Is that it? That I'm gonna steal him away?

Sweetheart, if I really wanted him long ago, things would happen. Sparks would fly. But it didn't and obviously never will since there's you. Ridiculous isn't it? To separate two people that grew up together? To rip them apart like they never knew each other?

It gets to me yknow. That I have to be the loosing party. I have to give in because you find me a threat. That I have to deplete them from my life. That this all happens because of your jealousy. Sigh.

I miss my boys. I don't even think that we can be friends again. And that leaves me very sad. Loosing someone I grew up with..

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