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Two years.
Thursday, July 02, 2015
This is going out to the boy that I spent two years with.

In life, we don't get to choose who we meet. We first met each other when I was 19 and you were 21. I still remember, the very first time we met, you fetched me from amk hub all the way back to Clementi on your super 4. It was a really nice gesture on your part. After a few weeks, we lost contact.

2 years back, we chanced upon each other again. We met for the first time when you asked me to accompany you to your friend's wedding at tamp. You fetched me on your hayabusa. Bike upgraded it seems.

From then on, we constantly met up. Movies, dinner, late night talks. You were there for me without fail. I slowly began to fall. I initially brushed off the feeling but I suppose as we spent more time with each other, I got more attracted.

We would meet every weekend, you always made time for me- it got to a point where you were my everything.

As time went by, I guess you got complacent. You never considered my feelings anymore. You said I never bothered about u, you said awful things about me. I took all of them in. All the hurtful words, all your "reverse psychology". I took everything in till I got tired, I got so bruised and I told myself I need to stop doing this to myself.

So it has come to a point where I've decided to let go. The two years we spent shall be memories now..

Goodbye NHJ.

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